Purple Turtle Preschool Kit Level 2

Purple Turtle Preschool Kit Level 2

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  • ISBN : 8904068406793

  • Language: English

  • Format: Paperback


Purple Turtle Preschool Kit: Pack of 5 Titles & More

Get the ultimate early learning advantage with Purple Turtle Pre-School kit- 'Learners'!

This educational set promotes learning and development in preschool children. With wonderful full-colour pages, friendly characters, and printed books that come to life with free iOS/Android app, young children can discover the joys of learning important skills—Alphabet, Phonics, Numeracy, Colours & Shapes, Good Values, Art & Craft and more!

This Pre-School Kit Includes


  • Pre-school Course Books-2

  • Pre-school Workbooks-2

  • Masks-2

  • CD- Animated Rhymes and Stories-1

  • Sticker Sheets-3

  • Story Book

  • Phonics Cards-10

  • Worksheets-16

How to Use the Pre-School Books+ Mobile App

Download the Purple Turtle Smart Books app on an iOS or Android device, scan a page of your course book to watch videos, get plenty of helpful narration, games or fun dialogues hidden in that page!*

*Request a demo now! info@purpleturtle.com

This Pre-school Curriculum Set Helps Kids to

  • Learn a variety of fine motor, language, cognitive skills

  • Exercise brain and improve concentration

  • Increase confidence in learning

  • Express their creativity and critical thinking skills

  • Help cut back on TV time

  • Spend more quality time with parents, teachers