Hindi Bhasha Gyan Books with Talking Pen- Set of 3 for 2-8 Years Kids

Hindi Bhasha Gyan Books with Talking Pen- Set of 3 for 2-8 Years Kids

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  • ISBN : 8904068407158

  • Language: Hindi

  • Format: Paperback

  • Dimension : 17 X 23 cm

  • Pages. : 200


Looking for ways to make learning fun? Now your Hindi books will read stories and tell rhymes with Talking Pen! Hindi talking books are a fabulous way to introduce children to the joys of learning Hindi bhasha. Talking Pen helps develop cognitive, pronunciation and listening skills, while the friendly illustrated characters hold kids' attention easily.

Just point the talking pen to the words/images, the pen will speak immediately. Kids can also record and compare their own voice with the original. Hindi Bhasha Gyan (Level-1, 2 & 3) cover maatra, varnamala, words, sentence formation & more. Children get busy tracing, colouring and with other fun activities. The dotted lines for tracing with plenty of writing space make this set kids' first handwriting practice workbooks too!

Purple Turtle is a kids' brand which is trusted by parents/teachers like you in 25+ countries. With books sold in USA, UAE, Russia, China and also in multiple languages in India, we pride ourselves on having the expertise and resources necessary to meet the evolving learning needs of today's children.

Why Talking Pen + Hindi Books combo?

  • Helps children develop multiple language skills: reading, speaking, listening

  • Sharpens memory & increases focus

  • Boosts self-learning confidence

  • Ensures less TV watching time

Improving reading by 50% or more guaranteed in children ages 2-8 years! Magic speaking pen will help children decode and understand the printed texts on the books the most fun way! No need of internet, Wi-Fi, language learning apps, no more frittering away your hard-earned money on kids' box subscriptions every month!! With Talking Pen technology, you can teach your child Hindi at the comfort of your home, starting today!